How geothermal could increase independence for Pacific Islanders

The legacy of invasion and coercion by colonizing forces has left Pacific islanders with significant economic disadvantages that are crippling in many ways but there is a chance that renewable energy sources have the potential to transform lives for the better — if done correctly.

Photo by Bash Carlos on Unsplash
  1. Childhood education is highly regarded and supported throughout the country.
  2. Independent ownership is a cultural norm in much of the region.
  3. The islands have a big potential for renewable energy production: a significant amount of geothermal activity and a great location for solar, wind, and tidal power generation.


Geothermal is the most cost efficient way to produce electricity and if that was both supplemented with the other methods and combined with hydrogen fuel cells — the islands could be producing enough electric power to become an exporter of energy. Design, construction, ownership, and profits could be sourced and retained within the country. Even more so, that domestic ownership could and should be decentralized. If thousands of independent owners of this technology and production were operating as a decentralized collective, so too would the decisions made as to what should happen with profits.

Photo by Ernanette Carolino on Unsplash
Photo by Bash Carlos on Unsplash



Think about what you’re tryina do t’me.

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